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Guiding you through the journey of creating your dream business (and life).

We’re a place for you to land when you’re somewhere in between. 

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Building and evolving heart-led brands from the core to create aligned success. 

Kirsty is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I've had
the pleasure of mentoring. She embodies everything she does with kindness and a deep sense of purpose. She cares deeply about her clients and empowers them to fully step into alignment whilst equipping them with the most up-to-date technology and tools to help them succeed. I can't recommend her enough.


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Immersive Retreats

Our signature Business Embodiment program brought to life through immersive wellness retreats and workshops. 

Upcoming Events

Sunday, 28th july, 10-4:30pm

Henosis & Co Wellness House,
Perth, WA

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Our Philosophy

Business is an art, a channel for expression, a place we go to play, explore, experiment, and discover our deeper purpose. 

But only once you allow it.

Kirsty Gaitens

Kirsty Gaitens,
Kirsty Gaitens Founder of Murni Studio
Meet your mentor
Weaving creativity, strategy, and embodiment.

We’re a multi-faceted heart-led studio that supports you on the journey of creating your dreams. 

We understand the intricacies of life, honouring your unique journey and experiences, knowing that no two stories are the same, and see you as a whole human, supporting your business and life combined to reach your own version of success. 

Business (and life) is not linear. There are highs and lows, evolutions, endings, and new beginnings. We are here to nurture you through the birth, creations, processes, and beyond.

We empower you with the co-creation of your businesses branding, strategy, and marketing, helping you create a brand that you are moved by (and that moves your audience too).

No matter where you are on your journey—whether at the inception of your idea, evolving through the next season, or navigating an entire new chapter of your life—we are here to facilitate your path to aligned success.

connect and CO-CREATE
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1:1 90-minute Online Power Session

Are you a business owner, or entrepreneur who lacks clarity on what you’re actually wanting to achieve, not sure where to go next, or know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there?  Our Embodied Business Consulting is for you!

Our 1:1 90-min session dives into your mind, and current business state, to create you an actionable plan on how to move forward. 

You leave with more clarity and a focused vision;

  • Business Insights
  • Marketing recommendations 
  • Actionable plan
First Power Session $450AUD
Follow-up sessions $185AUD

We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities that come with growing and expanding a business. Our Community Builder Package is specifically designed for businesses ready for growth, offering a full-service marketing solution that leverages both our local and global connections. We either link you directly with our amazing referral partners, or we can manage the process for you. 

3-month Commitment
Investment from $600/week

We help you build and aligned brand from the start so that you can start your business with confidence. 

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