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We help you create a business you love and build a rewarding community that loves you too. 

We help you;
Embodied Business and Marketing Consulting
1:1 90-minute Online Power Session

Are you a business owner, or entrepreneur who lacks clarity on what you’re actually wanting to achieve, not sure where to go next, or know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there?  Our Embodied Business Consulting is for you!

Our 1:1 90-min session dives into your mind, and current business state, to create you an actionable plan on how to move forward. 

You leave with more clarity and a focused vision with;

  • Business insights
  • Marketing recommendations 
  • Actionable plan
First Session $450.00
Follow-up sessions $220.00

Unlock Your Business Potential in just One Day

Done for you business strategy in one day helps you;
  • Clarify your offering(s) – get clear on what it is you want to bring to this world, how you can create impact while creating your dream life.
  • Get granular on who you’re serving – the truth is when you market to everybody you market to nobody. We break down who you are wanting to serve so you can connect with your people clearly, efficiently, and authentically.
  • Craft your key messaging – so you can communicate your offer, to your dream audience.

, we complete this after thorough business and industry research, bringing new ideas to the table to rediscover new opportunities that are hidden and give you a strong path forward to drive the success of your business. 



We’re here to support you, to break down your walls, and rebuild your business with a solid foundation. 

You may be fresh with a brand new business venture, have an existing one you want to get off the ground, or you’ve been on the entrepreneurial train for a little while now, but are ready to create a business you love. Either way, welcome to the end. of your beginning. 


We help you;

  • Establish Systems & Processes, including how to adopt AI into your business for impact without losing human connection
  • Hire the right team, we help you craft performance reviews and key hiring metrics to create a supportive, ethical and driven culture that will help move your business forward. 
  • We connect you to our creative circle of amazing VA’s, Designers, Ad specialists, photographers, and more – while managing the building process for you. 
  • We craft you a Brand with Impact, with our Aligned Branding Method which includes everything your brand needs to show up into the online world.

You leave with a market-ready brand ready to share with your community and the world. This includes a brand-new or refreshed website, social media strategy with templates, 1x brand campaign and messaging to reach your audience, 6-month timeline of business and marketing activity,  and monthly 1:1 support to help you stay on track. 

This is your done for you online business to set you up for success. 

Investment quoted on application

This is for businesses ready to grow and expand. 

Package Options:
Strategic Marketing Planning. Creative Campaign Ideation. Social Media Content Pillars and Creation. Blog Content Creation.
Customised Social Media Templates. SEO. Paid Advertising Recommendations.
3-month Commitment
from $2800/month

Business Embodiment Empowers business owners, creatives, freelancers and leaders with a holistic and embodied approach to work-life integration.

We understand the intrinsic value of individuality. For this reason, our mentoring blends an intuitive structure so we can meet you exactly where you’re at, and support you in the direction to where you want to be. 

We listen deeply, recognise the nuances of your journey, and tailor our support to empower you to write your own remarkable story of success.

This is perfect for not only business owners, but also freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

Explore more through our mentoring program Business Embodiment 

MAY 26TH – 31ST 2024 PERERENAN, BALI – Join this immersive experience to grow, connect, and bloom into the next phase of business. 

FROM $2250.00pp
meet kirsty, founder and director
Discover the power of alignment

Welcome to Murni. We’re a business studio that empowers entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and small business owners to create a business {and life} you’re inspired to live. 

We understand the world of business {and marketing your business} can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to start.

We’re here to help you navigate your way to build a rewarding and impactful business while aligning with your core self.

Our entire approach is rooted in creating alignment between business and life. This is formed from the principles of human psychology, backed by degree-qualified marketing and communications,  12+ years of marketing experience, and sharing in lived experience from my own journey of building an aligned business {and life} . 


consultancy, but not how you know it

You define the meaning of your own success. 

Kirsty Gaitens,
the process
Aligned Approach

I’d love to learn about you! You can connect with me by booking a free consultation. If you cannot see a time that suits your time zone, please email me directly. I am happy to accommodate.


Once we’ve matched, we will book you in for a 1:1 Embodied Business Consultation which is valued at $450.00, to charge forward with your journey to an aligned business {and life}.


Where needed, we create you your very own bespoke team of experts where we collaborate, strategise, and deliver you a personalised and aligned approach for your business’s success. Your team is curated based on matching experience, skills, and values to your vision. 


We thrive together in alignment. We either deliver you everything you need to implement your own aligned brand, or we implement it for you. 

Business is an art, a channel for expression, a place we go to play, explore, experiment, and discover our deeper purpose. But only if you allow it.

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