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Embodied Business/Brand Consulting
1:1 90-minute Online Power Session

Are you a business owner, or entrepreneur who lacks clarity on what you’re actually wanting to achieve, not sure where to go next, or know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there?  Our Embodied Business Consulting is for you!

Our 1:1 90-min session dives into your mind, and current business state, to create you an actionable plan on how to move forward. 

You leave with more clarity and a focused vision with;

  • Business insights
  • Marketing recommendations 
  • Actionable plan
First Power Session $450AUD
Follow-up sessions $185AUD

At Murni, we’re dedicated to helping you transform your business into a thriving, AI-enhanced operation without losing the invaluable human touch. Our human-centred approach to Artificial Intelligence means that we prioritise human values, needs, and ethical considerations. The goal is to ensure that AI technology enhances human capabilities within an ethical application.

Whether you’re launching a new venture, seeking to elevate an existing business, or you’ve been navigating the entrepreneurial journey and are ready to fall in love with your business again—welcome to a new beginning.

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Multi-channel Marketing and Implementation 

We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities that come with growing and expanding a business. Our Community Builder Package is specifically designed for businesses ready for growth, offering a full-service marketing solution that leverages both our local and global connections. We either link you directly with our amazing referral partners, or we can manage the process for you. 

3-month Commitment
Investment from $500/week

Business Embodiment Empowers business owners, creatives, freelancers and leaders with a holistic and embodied approach to work-life integration.

We understand the intrinsic value of individuality. For this reason, our mentoring blends an intuitive structure so we can meet you exactly where you’re at, and support you in the direction to where you want to be. 

We listen deeply, recognise the nuances of your journey, and tailor our support to empower you to write your own remarkable story of success.

This is perfect for not only business owners, but also freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

We guide you through the evolution of your brand to unravel your story, where you were and where you are now.  

from $4400AUD

Join this immersive experience to grow, connect, and bloom into the next phase of business. MAY 26TH – 31ST 2024 PERERENAN, BALI –

$2890.00pp AUD
Brand consultant in Australia
meet kirsty, founder and director
Discover the power of alignment

Welcome to Murni. Your business studio that blends your business journey with your personal evolution.  

We guide entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and small business owners to create an aligned business {and life}. 

We understand the world of business {and marketing your business} can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to start.

We’re here to help you navigate your way to build a rewarding and impactful business while rediscovering the layers of your core self. 

Business &


with NLP

Brand and
Business Growth

consultancy, but not how you know it

Empowering your business (and life) with the knowledge and guidance to achieve (align) your business goals and strategy, with your dream vision.

Kirsty Gaitens,
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Business is an art, a channel for expression, a place we go to play, explore, experiment, and discover our deeper purpose. But only once you allow it.

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