Business Embodiment Retreat Bali, May 2024


Imagine stepping out of your daily hustle to not just take a break for yourself, but to transform how you work within your business, so that when you return, you are feeling more alive, motivated, and rested than ever.

This immersive retreat is designed not just as a space to relax and connect with other like-minded business owners and creatives, but as a pivotal pathway to working ON your business and your inner self. It's a unique blend of professional growth and personal enlightenment, tailor-made for heart-centred souls like you.
Our Retreat is a balance of deep business immersions, creative exploration, and networking. There are no scheduled commitments in the late afternoons and evenings for you to enjoy our local surroundings, Bali's cuisine, and relax and rest.
Our workshops are what make our retreat unique giving you the gift of undistracted time – away from daily routine, and into a full creative and expansive energy to work ON your business.

Self-discovery Workshops

  • Fundamental Understanding: These workshops are designed to help you delve into the core of your being, exploring how your personal values and beliefs shape your approach to business and life.
  • Stress Management: Practical tools and strategies will be shared to manage stress effectively, promoting well-being.
  • Practice of Rituals: The incorporation of daily rituals as a form of self-love and self-care will be emphasised, supporting participants in building a sustainable routine.

You Time

  • Self-Care Opportunities: Ample time for personal care, including booking massages, dining out, relaxing by the pool, journaling, exploring local culture, and the option for deeper 1:1 sessions. We have many local recommendations so we can show you the way.


  • Genuine Connections: Encouraging genuine, non-forced connections through shared experiences, creating a like-minded community that supports business growth and personal development.

Wellness and Healing

  • Embodiment Practices: Focusing on the importance of mind-body integration through energetics and identifying emotional barriers, fostering holistic health.
  • Certified Facilitators: Sessions led by experienced and certified facilitators in breathwork and daily yoga, offering a space for physical and emotional healing.

Authentic Marketing Workshops

  • Marketing Made Simple: Demystifying marketing to align it with personal values, distinguishing between branding, marketing, and advertising, and understanding their implementation in business.
  • Actionable Strategies: Offering clear, actionable strategies that resonate with your own personal ethos.

Actionable Creation

  • Empowered Action Plan: You will leave with a plan to integrate your newfound insights and practices into your business and life, embodying your newly refreshed empowered self.
This retreat is designed to be a transformative experience, blending the inner journey of self-discovery with the outer journey of creating and sustaining a successful business. It’s an opportunity to align your personal values with your professional endeavours, ensuring that growth and success are achieved holistically and sustainably – on your own terms.

Private Bali Villa, with private rooms and ensuites

We explore the balance of work-life integration, by implementing daily routines that support your creative flow, time management, and business building, alongside personal healing modalities, shared experience, self-discovery and expansion.
The private villa is in the beautiful location of Pererenan, right next to the buzzing hub for digital nomads, Canggu. only 45-minutes from Denpasar airport.

Spread over two stories, with 9-rooms, it can accommodate up to 18 guests, however, we have consciously made the decision to keep our embodiment retreat intimate, with one room per guest. If you’re travelling with your business besite, partner or friend and want to share a room please notify us on booking as you will receive a 10% discount each to bring your guest and share a room.

We have a delightful Balinese team that will clean your room and prepare nutritious breakfasts daily (accommodating any special dietary requirements you may have – please share upon booking).

The villa has excellent Wi-Fi, perfect for those who need to respond to urgent emails or stay connected with loved ones during their retreat.

The infinity pool measures 7×3 meters, surrounded by sunbeds and umbrellas, offering an ideal spot for relaxation, and the onsite yoga deck can be found up top.

All workshops will be run over the outdoor spaces across the three levels, and rooms are spread across the two lower levels of the villa.

Transform the way you show-up within your business {and life}, for deeper fulfillment, and balance.

Your Investment: $2890.00AUD pp ($600AUD deposit)

$600.00 deposit. Remainder paid on a payment plan. This investment may be tax deductible for business education purposes. We encourage you to talk to your accountant to discuss your options.

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