Embodied Career Coaching

Channeling growth,
movement, and Realignment
in your career

You weren’t meant to stay in one place you’re entire life. We know you want to explore, create, dream and build a life that feels right for you, in this season you’re in.

We know climbing the ladder on your own can be exhausting, lonely, and often confusing when you’re trying to navigate the complexities of professional growth and identity shifts, sometimes not wanting to communicate with people within your direct network.

We get it—which is why we’ve opened our brand new signature program for professionals, leaders, and anyone with a dream to create something new. 

Our sessions are an intimate 1:1 experience that delves deeply into the roots of your professional journey:

Signature Brainstorm Session

We start with our signature brainstorming session to gain a thorough understanding of YOU and your career, core values, and unique strengths. This involves an in-depth analysis of your current career position, skills, passions, and goals.

The discovery phase is crucial for identifying opportunities and understanding the nuances of your professional and personal experience. 

Aligning Career Goals

Once the foundation of your career is laid, we align your professional goals with your vision, personal brand, and how you navigate your career journey.

We provide an actionable plan, ensuring every effort is directed towards tangible growth and development.

Your Career Strategy

With a clear understanding of your aspirations and goals, we then develop a holistic career strategy. This strategy integrates key elements such as professional development, personal branding, networking, skill enhancement, and job search techniques. The holistic approach ensures that all efforts are interconnected and reinforce each other, creating a unified and compelling career trajectory.

Investment :
$185.00 per session // 6x sessions (fortnightly) for $888.00
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