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Building a business on your own can be exhausting, lonely, and often confusing when you’re trying to navigate the world of marketing. Not sure what to outsource and what to continue managing on your own you’re presented with social media management, branding and design, paid advertising options that can take over your entire budget and more. We get it, there are many ways to market your business, but how do you know which is right for you?

This is what we uncover in our holistic approach to marketing with our Aligned Strategy Session. 

Our sessions are an intimate 1:1 that dives into the roots of your business with; 

Signature Brainstorm Session

We start with our signature brainstorming session,  to gain a thorough understanding of your business, its core values {and yours} and its unique selling propositions.

This involves an in-depth analysis of your existing marketing channels, customer base, market position, and competitors.

The discovery phase is crucial for identifying opportunities and understanding the nuances of your business.

Aligning Business Goals 

Once the foundation of your business is laid, we align your business goals, with your vision, the brand, how your business runs, and how this is all communicated in market. 

We provide an actionable plan, ensuring every effort is directed towards tangible growth and development.

Your Marketing Strategy

With a clear understanding of your business and its goals, we then develop a holistic marketing strategy. This strategy integrates the key selected marketing channels such as digital presence, content strategy, SEO, social media, Pay Per Click Ads (PPC), email marketing, and offline channels if applicable. The holistic approach ensures that all marketing efforts are interconnected and reinforce each other, creating a unified brand message and customer experience.

Investment :
Small Businesses: $497.00
Medium Businesses: $1487.00
Enterprise: $2497.00

Transform your business with our expert guidance. Align systems, processes, and marketing seamlessly to expand.

Kirsty Gaitens,
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Business Ideation {in a day}

Have an idea for a business but no idea how to get it off the ground?

In one day we will help you formulate a plan, set up the systems to get you started, and give you a step-by-step guide on how to execute your plan into a living and breathing business model. 

Your brand is the core foundation of your business. It’s not just a logo or a set of colours; it’s the essence of your identity in the marketplace. A strong brand connects strongly with your audience, communicates your values, and sets the tone for every interaction you have with your customers. It’s the promise you make and the personality you convey, consistently delivering an experience that aligns with your mission and vision through its identity. Depending on where you are on your business journey, we explore a full new Brand Ideation or evolve an existing one with our Brand Evolutions. 

The Details:
Brand Strategy. Brand Identity. Tone of voice. Logo Design. Website Design. Branded Design Templates
8-12 Weeks
from $4400.00

Give your business a roadmap to effectively reach, engage, and connect with your ideal audience across multiple channels. We help you increase brand awareness, sales conversions, customer loyalty, & sustainable growth. We craft every plan to your individual needs and budgets to ensure you’re maximising your efforts and investment in the best areas for you and your business. 

Strategic Marketing Planning. Creative Campaign Ideation. Content Pillars. Social Media Content Creation. Blog Content Creation.
Customised Templates. SEO. Paid Advertising Management.
Monthly Service on a 3 month Plan
from $2400/month

Imagine, time away from your home office, local cafe, or city office, immersing yourself amongst other creative business owners yearning to explore different ways to do business. 


Business Embodiment Retreat May 2024, Bali Indonesia 

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