We specialise in transforming your business by integrating advanced AI technology with a crucial human touch. Our human-centered AI approach emphasises ethical considerations and enhances human capabilities, ensuring that technology serves genuine human needs. Whether you’re starting fresh, aiming to enhance an existing business, or reigniting your passion for your entrepreneurial journey, Murni is here to guide you to a new beginning.

Here’s an overview of our comprehensive service offering:

  1. AI Integration into Operations:

    • We provide expert guidance in implementing AI systems to streamline your operations while maintaining the human connection that distinguishes your business. This includes automation of routine tasks, enhancing decision-making processes, and optimising operational efficiencies without compromising the personal touch your customers value.
  2. Building Your Dream Team:

    • Our services extend to human resources, where we help you develop and implement strategies for performance reviews, recruitment, and team building. We assist in defining key hiring metrics and crafting a team that not only shares your business values but also drives your objectives forward.
  3. Access to Creative Experts:

    • Leverage our network of top-tier virtual assistants, designers, advertising specialists, photographers, and more. We coordinate these professional relationships to ensure that every collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with your broader business goals.
  4. Developing a Powerful Brand:

    • Utilise our Aligned Branding Method to craft a compelling brand presence. This method covers all facets of branding from establishing a strong web presence to executing effective social media strategies. Our goal is to ensure your brand makes a resonant impact across all digital platforms.
  5. Launching with Confidence:

    • Launch your brand with assurance, equipped with a professionally developed website, an engaging social media plan, an initial brand campaign, and a detailed 6-month business and marketing roadmap. Additionally, benefit from our ongoing monthly support designed to keep your business trajectory on course.

Investment & Support:

  • All our services are tailored to your specific needs, with investment quoted upon application. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the most effective solutions, perfectly aligned with your business requirements and budget.

Murni is dedicated to setting the stage for your success, merging the best of AI innovation with the indispensable human element your business requires to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Let us help you navigate your business transformation with confidence and strategic insight.

Timeline :
8-12 weeks
Options :
Investments :
quoted on application


we create you a bespoke team

We create you your very own bespoke brand team, built with creative designers, advertising specialists, and other marketing professionals from all around the world. Every freelancer is hand-picked and vetted so that the brand that is collectively built for you is done by a team of experts who dream your vision for you. No stale creative, no global barriers, and no one size fits all. Your brand is created from pure and collective innovation from dreamers and doers. 


Kirsty Gaitens,
what we do

We help you create a business you love, and build rewarding and strong communities that love you too. 

Holistic Marketing Consulting

1:1 Coaching to guide and mentor you through the practice of your business, keeping you accountable, and helping you bring your ideal visions to life.

1:1 Online Power Sessions. Actionable steps. Monthly Reporting. Unlimited Support (through a private slack channel).
3 month commitment

Give your business a roadmap to effectively reach, engage, and connect with your ideal audience across multiple channels. We help you increase brand awareness, sales conversions, customer loyalty, & sustainable growth. We craft every plan to your individual needs and budgets to ensure you’re maximising your efforts and investment in the best areas for you and your business. 

Strategic Marketing Planning. Creative Campaign Ideation. Content Pillars. Social Media Content Creation. Blog Content Creation.
Customised Templates. SEO. Paid Advertising Management.
Monthly Service on a 3 month Plan
from $2400/month

Have an amazing in-house team that helps with social media, content creation, and posting ads here and there but you aren’t really making an impact? This is for you. Monthly guidance from an experienced marketing professional to lead your in-house team.

Monthly Reporting. Brand Audits. Marketing Channel Management. Unlimited Support (through a private slack channel).
3 month commitment

Build your dream team with a united approach to your business with our marketing team training and workshops. This is best suited for businesses that have a strong in-house team, and need some guidance on marketing best practices. 

1:1 Business Exploration pre-workshop. Online or in-person on request. Performance Reports. Marketing Systems Training
Half-day and Full-day workshops are available
quoted on application

Imagine, time away from your home office, local cafe, or city office, immersing yourself amongst other creative business owners yearning to explore different ways to do business. 


Business Embodiment Retreat May 2024, Bali Indonesia 

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