Open letter // Social Media and Personal Branding


I have recently given a lot of thought as to how I want to show up on social media. If you know me, you know its not something I am a very big fan of. I love capturing moments in time, but love keeping these for myself. So you can imagine, trying to navigate building an online business without sharing an enormous amount of detail of my life has been challenging to say the least.

I have been asking myself, what do I want to contribute here? How do I want to make people feel when they engage with my content? What type of value do I want to share with my online community, and more importantly what type of relationships do I want to attract and build here? ⁠

I do struggle with this a little, as I never wanted my business to be about me. It was and is all about you. So here you’ll notice I only ever share a very small fraction of my life, how I give back, what I’m working towards, and how I show up for my clients, family, friends, and life, and skew my content to how I can empower you instead.

I don’t post highlights and wins without sharing the meaningful losses. ⁠

I don’t share the results without sharing the process it took to get there.⁠

I don’t share what I do in a day, as it often just encourages comparison or feelings of not-enoughness.

I don’t share my personal relationships, friendships, and what I do in my free time, as I do not want to give an all-access pass to my life as the trade-off to build an authentically aligned and powerful business.

It does not align with me, and I really have no desire to turn my little studio that helps you find your way, into a personal brand about me.

So how do you even navigate this in 2024, where personal brands are the powerful source of building a community?

I’m not sure!

I DO want to build a business that empowers and inspires you with authenticity and purpose⁠.

I DO want to build authentic relationships with people from all around the world. ⁠

I DO want to connect with those I can help, and those who inspire me too. ⁠

I DO want to express the colour of life, in a way that sits in alignment with what feels right for me. ⁠

I DO want to create a soft space for you to land.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet. It’s a work in progress for me.

But in the meantime, I do share a whole lot more in my weekly newsletters. This is where I write, share my knowledge, and give exclusive offers and invites to events.

Feel free to join, it’s free and is a space for you to write to me too, and share your thoughts, you’re always welcome. Sign up here

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