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Embodied Business Consulting

1:1 Business and marketing consulting to guide and mentor you through the practice of your business, keeping you accountable, and helping you bring your dream visions to life.

Are you a business owner, or entrepreneur who lacks clarity on what you’re actually wanting to achieve, not sure where to go next, or know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there?  Our Embodied Business Consulting is for you!

Our 1:1 90-min session dives into your mind, and current business state, to create you an actionable plan on how to move forward. 

You leave with more clarity and a focused vision;

  • Mind & Body techniques 
  • Marketing recommendations 
  • Actionable plan

businesses ready to evolve

Brand Ideation in a day

Solidify your business in just one day!

Done for you business strategy in one day helps you;

  • Dive into your brand, your vision, mission and purpose
  • Clarify your aligned offering – get clear on what it is you want to bring to this world, how you can create impact while creating your dream life
  • Get granular on who you’re serving – the truth is when you market to everybody you market to nobody. We break down who you are trying to serve so you can connect with your people clearly, efficiently, and authentically
  • Craft your key messaging – so you can communicate your offer, to your dream audience and it returns. 
  • Create a brand that is consistent across all your channels. Identify the most potent theme and bring this into alignment across your online presence. 
  • Design who, how and where you will find your audience, with crafted ideal budgets and recommendations. 

This is perfect for businesses who; 

  • You’re stuck on your existing offerings, they’re not connecting with your dream client
  • You’re craving clarity on what to do next, 
  • Want to explore communicating with your ideal clients to create meaningful and impactful connections?  
  • Or those who have never invested in marketing, and need a clear path on what to action and when to create sustainable and long-lasting success. 

What we do

  • Review your current strategy and business model to seek out the cracks
  • Audit all active marketing channels, including social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok. 
  • Key industry market research so you know where your business sits benchmarked against competitors 
  • Meet you, to understand what it is exactly you want to achieve and what is holding you back from creating the business of your dreams. 
What you get 
  • Strategy document with ideal client persona, and key messaging, and done for your advertising budget 
  • Full suite of business recommendations from systems to marketing channels with your defined messaging and design direction applied. 
  • Editable Social media templates for Instagram, and Pinterest 
  • Recommended fonts, colours, and online mock-ups (these are recommendations only -does not include the purchase or application)

(Valued at $6000.00)

Timeline :
Delivered in a day
Investment :

for businesses ready to grow

Community Building

Give your business a roadmap to effectively reach, engage, and connect with your ideal audience across multiple channels. We help you increase brand awareness, sales conversions, customer loyalty, & sustainable growth. We craft every plan to your individual needs and budgets to ensure you’re maximising your efforts and investment in the best areas for you and your business. 

Timeline :
monthly activity on a 3 month commitment
Investment :
Strategic Marketing Planning. Creative Campaign Ideation . Content Pillars . Blog Content Creation . Customised Templates. Public Relations and Advertising Management.
Investments :
$2800.00 on 3-month payment plan

Guided, empowered & supported

Business Embodiment Mentoring

Do you dream of working and living in alignment?


Do you feel stuck in the work you’re currently doing and are not sure if the career you’ve chosen is even right for you?

 Have you hit a roadblock in your business or career and are not sure which direction to take next?

Do you no longer feel satisfied in your professional life, one that you’ve invested years into climbing and building, and know you need to make a change but you’re terrified of what this may look like and have no idea where to start?

Do you envision a life for yourself that is so different to the one you’re living? 

Do you want more time, freedom, and energy? 

Are you ready to take a chance, but you can’t seem to take action to create the life that you want?

We understand the intrinsic value of individuality. For this reason, our mentoring blends an intuitive structure so we can meet you exactly where you’re at. 

With our intuitive approach, we listen deeply, recognise the nuances of your journey, and tailor our support to empower you to write your own remarkable story of success.

Our program is ideal for business owners, creatives, freelancers and leaders, ready to step into true fulfilment, in business {and in life}. 


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