Welcome to Murni

We’ve had a little brand realignment with the rename of our business from the Mrkt House to Murni.
This move has been something that has circled my mind for over a year now. I went through waves of feeling disconnected to the brand, which was originally created to  represent the diverse world of marketing.
It made sense at the time, as a Market House, but as I evolved, the business evolved, and as I continued to evolve our offerings continued to evolve, which opened us to not only provide a holistic marketing approach for our clients, but an embodied way to do business.

The journey through the Mrkt House led me to create a studio that holds an empathetic and nurturing space for business owners, to support their growth in more ways than one, and this was, and now is, so much more than just marketing.

Business is just as much a personal development journey as it is a professional one. To treat these two in separation, you’re missing out on the key that unlocks your authentic alignment; and it is this that drives all meaningful connection, purpose, and deep fulfilment in business {and life}.⁠

Murni Studio is a space that nurtures forward movement through:⁠

The creation of strong Business Foundations ⁠
This is from the naming of your business, the systems and processes, business structure and ecosystem development right through to how you’re represented in market, and more importantly how is aligns with you, your life, and where you want to be.
Community Building with aligned Branding and Marketing ⁠
This is the way we communicate with your market – your dream clients. Your brand look and feel, how you show up across your marketing channels, and more. We still connect with our trusted and vetted partners, contractors and freelancers, so you get the very best in biz that works with your budget.
Mindset Coaching backed by NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) ⁠
⁠Simply, you cannot build an aligned and fulfilling business, and create a life you’re inspired by when you’re hyper focused on the elements of business that don’t move it forward, and when your beliefs are holding you back.
We have our very first Business Embodiment retreat in Bali this May, and a few new locations up our sleeve for next year, stay tuned.
Our mission is to help you unlock your true, pure, and aligned potential, achieving balanced integration between your personal and professional growth, so you can lead a business {and life} that is yours.⁠
We have expanded who we work with, no longer just small business owners but agencies (team training), freelancers, leaders, and creatives who value living authentically.

Murni 🤎⁠
—- Interested to know why Murni? Murni originates from the Indonesian word pure. This to me, is to embody the essence of what purity is at its core – your original state, who you are before you learnt who to be. ⁠
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